Big Idea Steaming Video by Educhiro

Build your practice with MOTIVATED PATIENTS!

Bring your website into the 21st century with "Big Idea" videos. Advertising experts say that including video content encourages longer visits to your website. Currently, between 25 and 30 BILLION videos are viewed each month on the internet, and that number is growing. Don't get left behind!

You can develop and retain an "A-list" of educated and motivated patients to generate referrals to your clinic, positioning your practice for success. These videos provide you with a series of marketing ideas built around the use of the "Big Idea" to help you reliably grow your practice.

The "Big Idea" is being used by chiropractic professionals around the world as a foundational tool to effectively market chiropractic businesses. Some of the most successful practices today implement our "Big Idea" patient education system to deliver a captivating and consistent message about chiropractic health and wellness.

We offer four different video options for use on your ClinicApps powered website:

4.5 Minute BigIdea Video: $15.00 per month (30 day free trial)

Get right to the point! A short and concise explanation of chiropractic healthcare, this video is only four and a half minutes long. Use it on your website to engage and captivate inquiring internet users.

7 Minute BigIdea Video: $24.00 per month

This is an ideal pre-consultation video. It would also be perfect for showing in your office as a short introduction to chiropractic healthcare. A great video to polish off your current educational model.

11 Minute BigIdea Video: $29.00 per month

The 11 minute Big Idea is often used as an extended pre-consultation aide, or as part of an in-office Spinal Care class.

19 Minute BigIdea Video: $34.00 per month

Chiropractic 101 - this contains everything your patients need to know. It functions well on its own as a Spinal Care class. It's also perfect for informing your patients or the public about what it is that chiropractors actually do. This video is great for attracting new patients and for further educating existing patients. You can even use it for continuous play in your clinic's waiting room!