Chiro Kid's Zone is HERE!

The chiropractic industry changes often and one emerging trend is parents seeking chiropractic care for their kids. This has led us to introduce a new service called Chiro Kid's Zone, Videos which is designed to give parents more information on how to help their children live a healthy lifestyle. Having bad posture often begins at an early age and learning the proper precautions as early as possible is critical for a healthy adulthood. Chiro Kid's Zone is informative, educating parents on when to visit the chiropractor, what will happen, and how often they should take their kids.

Chiro Kid's Zone is also designed to engage kids with interactive games, videos, activities, and tips on preventing and treating poor posture. The featured videos show children of different ages and their positive experiences after visiting a chiropractor. Kids report feeling relaxed and having more energy after having an adjustment. Each game has an easy, Games medium, and hard option and feature characters like Backbone Bob and Leaning Lumbar Louie to help make learning fun for all ages.

The Chiro Kid's Zone option is available for your site free of charge for the first 30 days. Your clinic name, slogan, and contact information are prominent on every page, so that you are positioned as the expert to both parents and kids. This opens a new opportunity for your clinic to motivate existing clients who have children to visit more frequently. Be one of the first chiropractors to incorporate this in your area, and reap the rewards of this virtually untapped market. Continuous updates will be performed on the content, videos, and games, to encourage sharing and repeat visits. After your risk-free trial, Chiro Kid's Zone is available for your website for an additional monthly fee of only $19.99.